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In a land... where insanely funny quotes from timeless comedy classics render scores of people doubled over in side-splitting laughter. In a time... when quotes from many decades past are re-imagined in a new setting, some times an intentional throwback to the nostalgia of yesteryear. In a world... where quotes from cherished films are so potent in their articulation that even the toughest brute tears up in hearing them... where film genre's clash together inspiring billions of people every year, every moth, every day, to laugh and to cry, to celebrate and to mourn, to look outward at the world around them and to look deep within, introspectively, to the core of their very soul.

Out from the dust and rubble of decades of thunderous cinematic excellence, through the cascading mist and spiraling smoke spires rises, much like a phoenix, to provide movie fans and cinema buffs daily movie quotes to enrich their lives! We here at aspire to bring you all of the very best in timeless movie quotes. Be it the funny quotes of comedy flicks, to famous lines used by many in their day-to-day lives, to the inspirational quotes that spread knowledge and wisdom from the silver screen in the movie theater, to the silver screen in the viewers very own subconscious; we post 'em all. We cover decades of cinematic history, spanning across every conceivable genre of film in our quest to house an endless array of timeless movie quotes for all of you to enjoy and share.


The Ultimate Online Video Host: Youtube or Vimeo?

The Battle or Alliance of Youtube and Vimeo

In the realm of online video hosting, it is clear that two brands stand taller than all the rest; Youtube and Vimeo. It is also quite clear that Youtube is by far the prevailing mainstream choice, to the point of being over-saturated with content. Vimeo, on the other hand, is a smaller community with more of an artistic niche, where quality and community trump quantity and advertising.

As is commonplace, people will debate with force and ferocity over which platform is better. Many will stand loyal to House Youtube – it clearly guarantees the bigger audience. Others stand steadfast in solidarity with House Vimeo, claiming Youtube is for amateurs and trolls while Vimeo is geared towards creatives and community. I have a completely different perspective on the matter….why not use both?

Both platforms have something to offer your business or creative endeavors, and both platforms can help you further market your brand. Why not use them in tandem and get the best of both? The internet is very divisive, always trying to pit like things against each other, oftentimes to detrimental results. The fact is, both Youtube and Vimeo have advantages and limitations to their services, and using them to supplement each other is smarter than entirely ruling out one of them in favor of the other.

For now I’m going to spotlight their respective merits and weaknesses, but later I will detail how Vimeo Pro works beautifully when supplemented with your standard Youtube page.


The "Moral" Fabric of Society

It's ludicrous how the moral fabric of society is essentially woven with political correctness and bigotry. Individuality and innovation are cast aside, in favor of sterile ideology and constrained monotony.

We are socially conditioned by our supposed 'superiors' to act a certain way, dress a certain way, think a certain way. To behave like the diligent workers we were born to be; like hamsters fixed upon our running wheels, spinning the figurative wheel of consumerism through our consumerist thoughts and consumerist actions. We carelessly and unknowingly stifle the very advancement of our entire species, all to focus on our own individual strains of vanity, greed, and avarice.


Produce, produce, produce.
Consume, consume, consume.
Obey, conform, produce, consume...

2013 is just 1984 + 29.


Unfortunately for the disenfranchised, severing ties with mainstream society is infinitely easier than trying to influence it. Those who stand in stark indifference against the current of mainstream culture are all expected to bend, bow, and eventually break under it's crippling tide of ignorance and unoriginality. So few who stand against the current have the means or fortitude to push forward, as the path of the unique and gifted is oftentimes precarious and filled with peril. These perils are not only numerous and bountiful, they are intentionally laid snares, utilized as a tactic of suppression, to trap the inventive while simultaneously rewarding the subservient.


San Franciso to Taipei: the Best in Coworking Workspace

Our Review of the Best in Coworking Workspace

What is Coworking?

BLANKSPACES defines coworking as a “style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office…”, workbar or hot desk “…and independent activity.”

How has Workspace been Reinvented?

Coworking spaces cultivate community environments that offer their members opportunities to mix with other creative people, generally upholding the belief that together we can create greater things than we could individually. For example, SHARED describes its community as a “creative play space – space to think, space to experiment, and space to collaborate.”



NYC 5th Avenue

Ah, New York. Such a unique place, perhaps the most diverse location on the planet. Now don’t get me wrong, for architecturally New York cannot compete with the buildings of centuries past found throughout Europe. Our country has a focus on boxed things, boxed apartments, boxy, blocky architecture. Very seldom do we use circular dormers, or spiraling spires, or anything outside the box. But I speak not of architectural diversity, for the diversity of New York lies in how many different types of people congregate here. NYC is the location of the United Nations HQ, it is the most populous city in the US, and the US is the country that boast it’s cultural and racial diversity so freely.




MTV To Produce ‘Hunger Games’ Style Reality Show, ‘Con Stars’

In a bold move by the Federal Prison System to combat swelling overpopulations of their institutions, a real-life Hunger Games reality show has been launched by MTV in partnership with the Federal Justice Bureau. The show features violent criminals and convicts squaring off in an enclosed area of a major city, in a full-blown fight to the death. The winner of the contest is awarded freedom and a second chance at life. The show has been titled Con Stars.

Season 1 began pre-production last week in Detroit, scouting locations and filming exteriors. Future seasons will film in other urban and violent cities across the country. Based on buzz alone, season 2 has already secured a green light, and executives are rumored to be eying Camden, New Jersey as their next death ring.



The Importance of a Healthy Mindset

A healthy mindset is one of the first steps towards taking both your mental and physical well being under control.. Perspective can be a magnificent feast of succulent, delicious gourmet dishes served on silver platters by beautiful, single women, a glorious feast in which all the food is free and never ending. Or perspective could be getting dragged across the desert, your wrists bound by figurative barbed wire clutches of self-doubt and apathy, being dragged into cacti of fear and jagged rocks of self-loathing. Perspective can mean a world of difference – let your mind be at ease and enjoy the wonderfully lush paradise that is life or fall prey to uncertainty, rendering your thoughts into a barren wasteland reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York. In most scenarios, the choice is up to YOU on how you perceive day-to-day life. In this article I’ll present some basic activities and thought processes one can utilize to clear up the muck and monotony of their daily life, and kick inspiration back into 3rd gear!


As mentioned in one of our previous postings here at Small Wonder Farm, we mentioned turning health into your hobby. Now I’m going to briefly touch upon some hobbies that are beneficial to both your physical and mental well being. Exercise is clearly at the forefront of healthy hobbies one can adapt to their daily schedule. Be it a few sets of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups, or perhaps a full blown weight lifting regiment. Maybe you can take your dog for a run through the crisp morning air, Rocky Balboa style. Fact is, physical exertion is a necessity in the maintenance of one’s health, both physical and mental. Had a rough day at work, boss giving you guff despite your work ethic and expertise? Go home and sweat out your frustrations under 165 lbs of weight. Feel the frustration melt as you pump out each rep. Have an argument with your spouse? Take a few laps in the crystal clear waters of your pool to cleanse your mind. A tired body is just the sign of an active body; and an active body is a path towards clearer thinking.



Boar Hunting in Hawaii


The weather is perfect - pleasantly warm without being muggy, the air crisp and clear with nary a cloud in sight. It's one of those relaxing Hawaii days, the days that inspire people to move to the island in the first place. For what other reason would one move to this tropical paradise? Hawaii is one of those rare places on Earth where relaxation and peace of mind seem to be more cherished than money itself. A place where the culture is carefree and relaxed.


This is in stark contrast to the "mainland US" culture, where rigid apathy reigns on high, the unsatisfied and confused denizens of the rat race culture scrambling up their corporate ladders like it's the only possible way to climb through their life. But not Hawaii....Hawaii is paradise. And as relaxed and carefree as it is, I'm anything but relaxed....


I'm tense. On edge. Sweat drips down my rugged face, a face fixed with a look of determination and fortitude. A bandana is tied across my head not unlike John Rambo to keep my hair out of my face. I am decked out in my hunting attire; nothing too heavy as it would be remiss of me to dress anything but light in this sweltering heat....but I stand prepared nonetheless. Well, I crouch prepared.



Daily Health Strategies

There are a number of natural immune system boosters one can implement in their daily life to the benefit of their health. These practices are best used in tandem with a proper diet and applicable supplement regimend.

Sweat it Out
Exercise probably seems like a fruitless endeavor for some in this society of countless entertaining distractions. But staying active is not only vital to keeping fit, but also helps maintain ones overall health. A few sets of pushups and situps a day, a jog around the neighborhood with your dog, some weight lifting, a swim in the pool, a bicycle ride....humans are meant to be active. Don't think of it as a chore, because it shouldn't be.

Stretch it Out
The older I get, the more I appreciate stretching. I'm not saying to become a yoga guru. But stretching every morning is a great start to the day. Stretching before and after strenuous exercise is an underrated practice, as well. Find yourself getting stressed? Stretch it out to cool off.


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