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Freelance Writer

I have been recording music and performing live under the stage name "Jon of the Shred" since the year 2007. I have performed at a high number of music festivals, most notably Gathering of the Vibes 2013. Currently I play lead guitar in Neighborhood Formula. In the past I have performed with acts such as Positive Mental Trip, Freedom of Expression Experiment, and Crimson Steel.

As Jon of the Shred, I have released 3 solo albums (playing all guitar, bass, and key parts as well as programming the drums) as well as provided soundtracks / songs to numerous games, indie films, and documentaries.

Filmscore Composer

Video Game Soundtracks

Sound Design

Session Guitar / Bass / Keys
Orchestration (using East West soundbanks)
Ghost Writing Audio Production
Audio Mastering

I've always enjoyed writing, and recently have greatly enjoyed freelance writing. I remember writing short stories about Super Nintendo games in the 1st grade, so it was only a matter of time before I started to freelance writing services. I was going above and beyond in school, and generally enjoying doing so! Most of my freelance writing efforts have gone towards my conspiracy satire blog, Sweet Funky Freedom. The very nature of this blog is dark humor at it's most offensive, but it surprisingly commands a cool 15,000 - 20,000 hits monthly. As of late I've been doing a much higher number of ghost writing and freelance writing assignments each month, focusing much less on my rant comedy and establishing successful SEO content and other freelance writing techniques.


Freelance Writing
Ghost Writing

SEO Writing
Local Business Marketing

I've got a plethora of other skillsets to offer. Voice acting, graphic design, logo design. Don't have the time to feature EVERYTHING on the site just yet, so I've decided to focus on my music composition, soundtrack / filmscore design, and freelance writing skillsets for now. Check back for updates!

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